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Patsy Sidoti

Patsy Sidoti passed away peacefully in her sleep at her residence in Castalia, Ohio, on January 2, 2022. Patsy married her childhood sweetheart at a very young age of 16 and was married for 38 years until she became a widow in 2005.

Patsy sacrificed her youth to dedicate herself to God and raising her daughter. She took pride in instilling confidence and loving qualities in her daughter and young nieces who she loved like her own. At one point in time, she lived for her family. Driving hours in a snowstorm to get a special Christmas gift for a family member in order to surprise them brought her joy. Patsy was an all loving, Christian soul who would not allow the word hate, ugly or fat ever leave her mouth and would reprimand anyone who would utter hate filled words to or about anyone. Patsy and her only sibling, Judy Schoewe, would study the bible together and shared their Christian faith with all who would listen. She was known for befriending strangers, showing them love and kindness, and even inviting them to Sunday family dinners.

Patsy went from being the youngest mother, to the oldest, when her son Gabriel was born at the age of 40. Having a passion for animals and nature, she felt that having a son was a blessing from God so she named him after the angel, Gabriel. Walking the Rest Haven looking for snakes, taking hikes, and exploring, was something fun she enjoyed with Gabe, her grandsons and her great nephews. She was very artistic and enjoyed making picture boards to give as gifts so everyone could remember the great times. She also had a love for music, traveling to Hawaii and Australia and knew every scene and word from Seinfeld.

When Patsy became a widow in 2005, Giorgio Sortino, her beloved grandson, took the place as the love of her life. They spoke every single day. The amount of happiness she brought to his life is immeasurable. Her funny Facebook memes she would create and her making herself available at any time for his calls or texts will always and forever be remembered.

Over the years, Patsy's bouts with depression and difficult episodes continued to crash onto her shores like breaking storms. It seemed that each impending storm took a greater toll and took away a part of who she was from her family and friends. As the destruction of those waves hit her time after time, a little bit of Patsy would disappear each time. Her family hopes that her story can encourage others with any mental health issue to seek counseling and understand that mental illness is similar to having cancer or heart disease. It needs treated so special moments can continue to be created and precious time is not wasted.

Patsy is survived by her daughter Tarina Sidoti and ex son-n-law, who she loved dearly, Mike Sortino and grandsons Giorgio Sortino and Salvatore Sortino; son Gabriel Sidoti and grandson Eli Sidoti; loving sister Judy Schoewe and brother in-law Tim Schoewe and nieces Amy (Dan) Keegan, Jill (Israel) Palomo, and Brooke (Josh) Dauch; brother in-law Chuck (Kathy) Sidoti and nieces Meredith Sidoti and Lisa Sidoti; and many great nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her husband Terry Sidoti; parents James & Marie Gray; and great nephew Sammy Palomo.

Family will mourn in private as Patsy's wishes were to have no funeral service.

Ransom Funeral & Cremation Service, Castalia, is in charge of the arrangements.

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